DAR Designs
Mixed Use

Aquarium Compound

The resort is built up on a total area of 2 Km2, located on the shore of the Red Sea, where it overviews the open sea followed by the view of the mountains, which allows the restaurant to have a good view.

The resort is located on a private beach on the shore of the Red Sea with surrounding buildings following the local design theme of the Sinai architecture, so the main challenge is to design a building that compliments the surrounding nature and goes in harmony with the local architecture along with getting the most benefit of the view, so the whole facade was made from glass to maximize the view to the sea and the mountains located near the project.

The main design theme was inspired from the simplicity of the architecture of the local buildings there, as well as adding a more modern touch to this design theme.

Targeting to break the boredom of the daily routine, it was intended to create an atmosphere providing a new experience full of relaxation, meditation and delving into a journey of exploring the aquarium nature.